WeChat Official Accounts

What is WeChat and how does it work?

WeChat (Chinese name: Weixin 微信) is one of the most popular messaging apps in Asia, especially in China, and it currently has more than 1 billion active users around the world. Chinese immigrants and international students often continue their use of the mobile app when they arrive in Canada to keep in touch with family and friends back on the Mainland – providing a free multimedia messaging and voice calling alternative to costly international phone bills.

Types of WeChat Official Accounts

WeChat offers businesses and organizations two different types of accounts, Subscription Accounts and Service Accounts. Your target market and industry will help us to determine the type of account that suits your needs.

For content creators like newspapers, blogs, and other information dissemination organizations, a Subscription Account is an ideal choice.

For most other businesses, especially those looking to drive sales, Service Accounts allow you to form a more intimate brand to viewer relationship.

Subscription Accounts

  • Can publish up to 8 articles per day and users are notified once per day that new content is available.
  • Are grouped into their own folder among the users chat threads.
  • The accounts in this folder are organized in the order with the most recent published articles appearing at the top. Frequent posting makes your content more likely to be the first thing your audience sees.

Service Accounts

  • Appear as “friends” on the main WeChat interface.
  • Content is received as a “direct message” with push notifications.
  • WeChat limits service account’s direct messaging to once a week, but each message can include up to 8 articles.
  • Fully customize your profile to help your audience navigate your brand and content

Building Your Brand on WeChat

Getting Started

Building an easy to find, beautifully designed, and strategically formatted WeChat account can seem like a daunting task. However, the benefits of running a WeChat account significantly outweigh the initial investment and learning curve required for setup.

WeChat is often viewed as a complex new social media space, but our group of dedicated and creative team members is always ready to help you maintain your edge with the latest digital and social media marketing, advertising, PR, and media relation practices. With the proper strategies, your audience will be able to find and share your account and content, building your Chinese media reach over time from right here in Vancouver.

What to Expect

WeChat content is expected to be long-form posts that are visually appealing and relatable. Our experienced in-house editors, writers and designers, will always custom format their content and ensure it is written to build on your brand’s existing content strategy.

Getting The Upper Hand

Like any other social media account, the primary challenge is in building a robust initial following. With WeChat, the most convenient way to gain new followers is through the distribution of QR codes; on digital banner ads, live promotions or in print. Our relationships with high traffic Chinese websites, allows us to provide effective media strategies that ensure the growth of your account and its following.

Marketing with WeChat

Borderless Access to Exclusive Markets

WeChat offers seamless access for all Chinese audiences. Its content is able to navigate Chinese media policies, making it visible to those using Chinese internet services, even on the mainland.

China’s strict internet policies can be a challenging barrier for businesses to overcome. By utilizing the WeChat platform, you have unfettered access to the Chinese population without the problems normally associated with traditional Websites hosted outside of China.

Going Global With A Chinese Audience

WeChat offers brands unprecedented access to Chinese audiences and markets. Until now, businesses looking to access the platform were required to register through a China-based third party host.

Today Tencent, WeChat’s parent company, has launched an international verification program that allows brands outside of China to record accounts in their name. What this means is absolute control over your account, full account functionality, a trustworthy company listing, and global market visibility. Periphery Digital helps brands based in Canada to complete the official verification process and properly establish accounts from Day One.

Maximizing Your Online Presence

A well established WeChat Official Account needs more than setup, it needs to grow a strong following to reach the Chinese speaking community effectively. A combination of well-informed account set up and strategy makes a measurable difference when entering the Chinese social media space in Vancouver and overseas.

WeChat’s search function is extremely sensitive to translation and titles, so accounts that fail to name themselves strategically are nearly impossible to view. What’s more, is that the use of internationally recognized brand names such as Audi or Tiffany’s is only available for Officially Verified Accounts. Because of these challenges, the official naming process is imperative to the success of your account.

Promising Authenticity

The authenticity of an Official Account is an integral part of building trust with your viewership. WeChat’s user base in Vancouver, Toronto and abroad is exceptionally vigilant when it comes to fake accounts. The difference between a third-party account and a wholly-owned one is more apparent than you might think and many users will refuse to interact with an account that they suspect to be false or misleading.

Get Creative with QR Codes

WeChat automatically creates a QR code for each Official Account. The app features a QR code scanner, which allows brands to use their code both within and outside of the app. QR codes can lead users to exclusive content, promotions, or prize draws, making them a valuable addition when targeting a Chinese audience.

Feature your brand’s WeChat QR code on your other social media pages, marketing collateral, etc. to let Chinese viewers know they can access your brand comfortably even in Canada.