We are Periphery Digital.

As industry experts, we are uniquely equipped to provide a level of cultural fluency that draws from years of bending the line between Chinese and English language media environments.

Our Values

We strive to always have…


We are always building, crafting bridges between cultures, building up relationships and businesses, improving our skill sets, building empathy, and building up team members. By starting with empathy, support, and respect we aim to create a strong foundation for all types of growth for our team, networks, and partnerships.


Staying curious means taking risks and borrowing lessons from experience beyond the office. We constantly rethink and re-evaluate our strategies to discover how we can integrate new skills and opportunities to improve our solutions. Maintaining a curiosity about each other’s strengths allows us to take full advantage of our team’s skill set and champion everyone’s unique abilities.


Sincerity to us means being responsible, honest, and fostering an environment that allows team members and partners to speak openly about their concerns and ideas. We are up-front about what we offer and hold ourselves to a high level of personal integrity which for us means being clear about our strengths as well as our weaknesses.


Tenacity for Periphery means doing more than simply keeping up. We aim to be proactive, resourceful, and efficient in all that we do. Flexibility in how we achieve our goals keeps us open to change, advances in tech, and helps us to take advantage of unexpected opportunities.


We are always growing from a place of humility and aim to honour all of the partners, clients, and team members that have helped us get to where we are today. It is important for us to continue to grow alongside the industry in a way that is mindful and respectful of the communities we aim to serve and foster.

The Periphery Team

We’re Awesome

(And Older Than We Look)

Alex Wan

CEO & Co-Founder

Alex’s enthusiasm for the Chinese marketing industry stems from its potential for growth, with the Chinese demographic accounting for over 18.5% of the world’s population he is excited to connect Chinese and western markets in meaningful ways.

If Alex was an animal he would be a cat, if cats actually got anything done or even lift, bro.

Marjo Ruokamo

President & Co-Founder

Marjo is a multitasker, a generalist, and a motivator. Solving problems with a little bit of creativity and a lot of analytical thinking she instills confidence in the team’s abilities and strengths by channeling her upstanding positivity.

She loves to lead team building events, tell bad jokes, and eat copious amount of chocolate.

Leon Ng


As the founder of an award winning creative visualization agency and Canada’s only 24/7 Real Estate Television Network, Leon has left his mark on the entrepreneurial world and broadcasting industry.

His strategic partnerships and media expertise support Periphery’s continued growth and exuberance.

Kessie Xu

Account Director

With over six years of combined project management and marketing experience, Kessie leads our account based operations to execute campaigns, refine internal processes, and build client relationships.

As our resident foodie, Kessie knows all the best Happy Hour places and will always have recommendations on hand for your next date night.

Cate Li

Senior Account Manager

With ten years of combined experience in Chinese and Canadian marketing, Cate has worked as a marketing consultant for Vancouver Fashion Week as well as Senior Editor and Business Development lead for SOHU.

Cate’s time in the fashion industry has honed her to flourish under pressure and marked the beginning of her obsession with designer shoes.

Danwei Ma

Junior Account Manager

Danwei assists with our digital campaigns, content creation, and bilingual social media channels. She has a background in Journalism and holds a degree in Media Studies from UC Berkeley.

Danwei has a passion for investment funds and dreams of generating enough passive income to open her very own Disney World. Dream big or go home right?

Annie Han

Media Manager

Business logistics and vendor relations are Annie’s forte. She has ten years of international purchasing experience on top of a dual Masters in Business Administration and International Business.

Annie is our superstar athlete! She once played squash on a professional level and currently competes in annual marathons.

Grace Zhang

Content Manager

Grace has 10 years of marketing experience working at several Fortune 500 companies including General Electric and as the Brand Manager for Ford Motor China.

Grace is an avid traveller and loves photography. We have her to thank for all the wonderful candid photos of the team.

Melody Yang

Content & WeChat Specialist

Melody is our WeChat Marketing specialist Official Account setup. She has over ten years of experience working in performing arts and the auto finance industry in China.

Melody is a big fan of music and enjoys attending symphonies, musicals, and choirs.

Rosanne Wong

Lead Designer

Rosanne has an extensive background in design, interactive arts, and digital marketing. She is also a low-key tech genius and our one-woman IT team.

Some of her other skills include consuming a never ending supply of chips, and shaming all those who do not follow the file naming protocols in our Google Drive.

Justina Chen

Graphic Designer

Justina majored in Interactive Art and Technology at SFU and was a freelance graphic designer before joining the team. At Periphery, she works on a wide range of projects not limited to digital, print, and Chinese social media.

Justina loves to travel. Next on her list – Maldives! She plans to eat her way through this South Asian country.

Our Clients

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