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Project Scope

Digital Campaign, Digital Media, Programmatic (Connected TV, Display Ads), Print, OOH, Radio

Nestled in North York, a transformative vision comes to life with LSQ by Almadev. Spanning a vast 15-acre expanse, LSQ, or Lansing Square, presents a harmonious mix of residential and commercial space. Housing 1,600 units and complemented by extensive commercial and retail zones, LSQ reflects Almadev’s commitment to urban rejuvenation, reminiscent of their transformative impact with their former venture, Emerald City.

Our Process

The unveiling of LSQ was not merely about announcing a project—it was a comprehensive story of a community's evolution. We initiated with a strong focus on brand identity, guiding Almadev, previously known as Elad Canada, in its rebranded avatar to the public. A six-week narrative pivoted on brand resurgence set the stage.

Following this, lifestyle videos vividly showcased the project's allure, capturing its essence and vision. The momentum from these videos was quickly harnessed to transition into product-specific ads, focusing on enhanced lead conversion. With precision and strategy, we placed LSQ in front of the coveted brokerage community, gaining invaluable traction and awareness. The subsequent “Coming Soon” promotions further fueled the fervor, targeting a broad spectrum of potential buyers and brokers, all culminating in an influential broker event.


Harmonizing across three languages—English, Chinese, and Persian—our strategy traversed diverse platforms. The digital spectrum spanned from social media, Google's varied advertising tools, LinkedIn, to niche channels like Urban Toronto and WeChat Advertorials. Traditional media, too, held its ground with print features in esteemed publications like Condolife and Singtao Headline, radio spots on AM1540, and calculated out-of-home placements. A standout element was the display on Toronto's Urban Pathway—a prominent location that reaped significant impressions, echoing with the heartbeat of the city.

Social Ads

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Our marketing prowess didn't merely reflect in tangible metrics—it resounded in our client's affirmation. The undeniable success of our campaign played a central role in Almadev's confident progression into the project's subsequent phase, reaffirming their faith in our strategies and shared future visions.


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