Crafting Refined Urban Spaces for a Cultured Community.

Project Scope

English, Chinese, Korean Digital Campaigns and Media Buys

Thesis, a new mixed-use development by Alabaster Homes, is poised to redefine urban living in Vancouver. Situated on W49th Street, Thesis represents a harmonious blend of cultural refinement and modern elegance. Partnering with renowned design firms like Taizo Yamamoto and Studio Roslyn, Alabaster Homes has sculpted a project that is not just about creating residences but fostering a community enriched with sleek sophistication and thoughtful amenities.

Our Process

Recognizing the diverse demographic of Vancouver, our strategy embraced a trilingual approach, covering English, Chinese, and Korean. We focused on delivering a seamless narrative that highlighted the unique aspects of Thesis – from its intelligent design features like the custom coffee bar and entry bench to the broader community appeal with its ground-level retailers and rooftop amenities. Utilizing platforms like Meta, Google, and WeChat for digital reach, coupled with REW and Daily Hive for media engagement, our campaign was designed to resonate with a wide audience, encapsulating the essence of modern, connected living.


The campaign's breadth was extensive, leveraging both digital and traditional mediums to ensure maximum outreach. In the digital landscape, we executed bilingual META and Google Ads campaigns, along with strategic WeChat Advertorials, tapping into key demographic segments. On the traditional front, we partnered with platforms like REW and Daily Hive, utilizing their reach for targeted advertorials. This blend of modern digital tactics with traditional media methods ensured that Thesis was not just seen but experienced by prospective homeowners and investors.

Social Ads

Google Ads



The campaign marked a significant achievement, attracting a broad audience and generating a remarkable volume of leads. This success was underpinned by a highly efficient strategy, yielding a cost per lead (CPL) that surpassed industry expectations. The campaign's triumph showcases our marketing prowess and affirms Thesis’s appeal as a top choice for those seeking a lifestyle interwoven with culture and convenience.


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