Crafting an all-encompassing vision for a sustainable, master-planned community.

Project Scope

Strategy, Design, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Translations

Situated in the scenic Port Moody, Portwood is not just a development; it’s a revolution in community living. Encompassing 23 acres of verdant beauty and modern luxury, Portwood offers an urban sanctuary. Periphery was introduced to this project via our trusted relationship with Rennie and was chosen for our distinguished expertise in marketing master-planned communities.

Our Process

Understanding the magnitude and potential of Portwood, our strategy centered around making the development a household name. Our comprehensive approach encompassed everything from initial strategy to execution, ensuring the project resonated deeply with potential homeowners. With a multi-lingual approach, we reached out in English, Chinese, and Korean, catering to a diverse audience and ensuring the Portwood message was universally accessible.


Periphery's in-house team championed a multifaceted campaign. We rolled out an integrated digital and print campaign with the creatives intricately designed to capture the essence of Portwood. The lush green expanses, the sustainable design ethos, the promise of community – every facet of Portwood was brought to life, digitally and on paper.

Social Ads

Google Ads


Portwood swiftly became a beacon of sustainable and luxurious living in Port Moody. With Phase 1: Umbra at Portwood drawing significant attention, the development is rapidly shaping up as an exemplar of master-planned communities. Residents, buoyed by the promise of early amenities and the allure of natural beauty, have showcased a keen interest, affirming the success of Periphery's campaign efforts.


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