Redefining Heights in Sustainability and Luxury.

Project Scope

Strategy, Design, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Translations

Conceived by the esteemed Canadian developer, Brivia Group, CURV stands as an architectural marvel set to become the world’s tallest passive house building. Synthesizing luxury with sustainability, CURV is poised to set an unparalleled benchmark for global developments.

Our Process

Initiated through our partnership with BakerWest, our collaboration with CURV was both strategic and holistic. Recognizing the magnitude and potential of CURV, our approach was tailored, multi-faceted, and data-driven, emphasizing a multi-lingual outreach to ensure resonance across diverse audiences. Collaborative sessions with Brivia Group refined our understanding, ensuring each campaign truly embodied CURV's vision and values.


Our expansive digital suite was effectively utilized for targeted campaigns across Meta platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Each digital touchpoint, from Google's suite (display, search, discovery) to Meta, was optimized with multilingual components for a broader reach.

Media partnerships facilitated placements in renowned publications such as the Globe and Mail, Vancouver Sun, and Ming Pao. Real estate platforms like STOREYS, REW, and Livabl amplified CURV's presence amongst potential buyers and enthusiasts.

Physical outreach was strategically bolstered with OOH ads in pivotal locations, including YVR airport and frequented malls like Yaohan and Lansdowne.

Simultaneously, CURV's digital persona was meticulously curated under our guidance. Managing their Instagram operations, our team ensured the brand's consistent, compelling online presence, from content creation to community engagement.

Social Ads

Google Ads

Youtube Ads


While the CURV campaign remains active, the traction we have achieved is commendable. The efforts have not only spurred significant sales momentum but have also generated a robust five-figure lead count. Beyond the numbers, the global reach, recognition, and burgeoning interest in CURV serve as a testament to the efficacy and precision of our strategic endeavors.


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