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Our Values

All that we do,
we do it with...

Effective transmission and exchange of thoughts and emotions

We adjust communication styles for clarity, foster trust through openness, prioritize collaboration for unclear direction, and continuously enhance our communication skills for success.

Accomplishing tasks or achieving goals

We value results, set high standards, and act assertively for success; we foster accountability and mutual support, aiming for innovation and standout outcomes.

The act or condition of being encompassed within a group or framework

We strive for an empathetic, inclusive workplace valuing all, and offering equal opportunities; we view team unity as shared duty, consistently enhancing our inclusive culture.

Entails believing in the capacity to develop and enhance abilities through dedication, effort, and learning

Our growth mindset fuels ongoing self-improvement, embracing risk and challenges for personal and professional growth; while our culture promotes curiosity and continuous enhancement, distinguishing us through a commitment to fostering learning and development.

The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness

We practice mindfulness in everything we do; we take the good things as gifts, not birthrights; we collectively celebrate the small wins.

Encompass responsibility, accountability, and control over tasks, involving initiative, decision-making, and vested commitment to successful outcomes

We value accountability and resourcefulness, tackling every task with a can-do attitude and unwavering integrity; challenges are opportunities for solutions, and we take ownership of our actions and outcomes, delivering our best work daily as if under the watchful eye of a respected observer.

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Team Benefits

We believe taking care of our people motivates them to do their best work

Paid Time Off

Enjoy 15 days of paid time off to start, increases over time, and a special birthday holiday!

Wellness & Team Bonding

Utilize health and connection credits for your well-being and bonding with colleagues, even when apart.

Work from (Almost) Anywhere

Embrace our remote-first approach (for most roles) and equip yourself with credits for optimal performance, no matter your location.

Uber & Phone/Internet Credits

From team lunches to office rides and work-ready internet, we've got you covered!

Professional Development Opportunities

Boost your skills with companywide workshops, certifications, and course reimbursements aligned with your personal and company goals.

Full Health Benefits Package

Experience comprehensive coverage: Periphery proudly provides 100% of health, dental, and vision benefits for full-time team members.

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Open Positions

Explore Our Available Positions!

Job Title Employment Type FT / PT
Multichannel Advertising Copywriter (English/Chinese) Employee Full Time
Senior Multimedia/Rich Media Designer Contract Part Time
Senior Media Strategist (Bilingual - Chinese and English) Employee Full Time
Multichannel Advertising Copywriter (English/Chinese)
Employee, Full Time
Senior Multimedia/Rich Media Designer
Contract, Part Time
Senior Media Strategist (Bilingual - Chinese and English)
Employee, Full Time

Looking to Join Us? If you haven't found a suitable position among our current openings, we're constantly seeking talented individuals to join our team. Feel free to connect directly with our HR team by emailing and introducing yourself along with your resume. 🚀

What our team says

"The most notable thing about Periphery is the room to grow and be awesome. Nobody is left behind. We grow together, we win together.”

Kirsten, Digital Team

Kirsten, Digital Team

"My favourite things: Flexibility, solid work vibe, a culture of care and safety, and amazing opportunities for growth. If you're an eager newbie with potential, the team will support and help you fill in the blanks and your efforts will be encouraged and recognized."

Melody, Content Team

"At Periphery, I'm accountable for my own success, granted freedom to align my role with my career goals, forgiveness when I make mistakes, and endless support and laughter along the way.”


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