Chinese Marketing Strategies

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Marketing on Chinese Social Media
| 9 February

There are over 721 million internet users in China and of those users, some 481 million are active on social media networks like…

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5 Things to Consider Before Marketing on Baidu
| 9 February

The most fundamental thing any marketer who is planning to target Chinese consumers must take into account is…

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Content Localization

6 Tips for Building Your Brand in China
| 16 February

Here are 6 strategies that you can emulate to help build your brand if you’re considering the possibility of breaking into the Chinese market.

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What is Content Localization (and Why Does it Matter)?
| 5 January

Thanks to the internet, barriers to entry have been all but eliminated and the ability to expand reach to a global scale…

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Digital Advertising

Weibo: Chinese Social Media Platform
| 28 June

Sino Weibo is a Chinese social media website and mobile application. The application in essence is a hybrid between Twitter and Facebook.

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WeChat: More than Messaging
| 27 March

WeChat fully leverages the idea of an ‘app within an app‘ model, allowing third party developers to launch their mobile applications directly within WeChat.

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