The Amazing Brentwood

Mastering Community Living: The Pinnacle of Brentwood.

Project Scope

Strategy, Design, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Translations

Set against the vibrant backdrop of Burnaby’s Brentwood neighbourhood, The Amazing Brentwood (TAB) has redefined urban living in Metro Vancouver. Tower 5, marking the latest addition to this ambitious master-planned community, encapsulates the essence of luxury, convenience, and urban energy. As Shape Properties unveils this architectural marvel, its strategic partnership with Periphery Digital stands as a testament to the project’s unparalleled success.

Our Process

Our partnership with Shape Properties, which began in 2019, revolved around a shared vision for TAB. Recognizing Tower 5's potential, we crafted a strategy that integrated a diverse, multi-channel approach. By leveraging data-driven insights, we targeted a broader audience with multilingual outreach in English, Chinese, and Korean.


Periphery took a holistic approach to the media and marketing campaign for The Amazing Brentwood Tower 5. We harnessed the power of digital advertising by executing a robust strategy across Meta platforms like Facebook and Instagram, while also maximizing visibility through Google's diverse suite of tools, including search, display, and discovery. Recognizing the diverse audience of Vancouver, our digital efforts were meticulously crafted to engage in three languages: English, Chinese, and Korean.

In addition to our digital endeavors, we oversaw a plethora of traditional media buys. From carefully placed print articles to strategic out-of-home advertisements with Pattison, our reach encompassed transit shelters and prime locations like the night market. Complementing these efforts, our team ensured the project's brand consistency by managing translations of the website and its brochures, ensuring a seamless multilingual experience for potential buyers.

Ultimately, our comprehensive media strategy culminated in a harmonious blend of the traditional and digital, resonating with audiences far and wide, leading to the anticipated outcome: a sold-out project shortly after its sales launch.

Social Ads

Google Ads



The campaign's success was evident as Tower 5 sold out soon after its sales launch. This achievement is not just a testament to effective marketing but showcases the enduring appeal of The Amazing Brentwood in the real estate market. Our efforts, in partnership with Shape, played a significant role in ensuring the tower reached its intended audience and solidified its position in the community.



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