Reach a Chinese audience through domestic platforms.

Social Media Marketing has become one of the most effective ways of reaching a targeted and specific demographic. At Periphery Digital, we offer services for a wide range of media platforms.

Market your business on the world’s largest social network with more than 1.59 billion users worldwide. Periphery Digital can help you with setting up your Ad Account, generating leads, and increasing audience engagement. Reach a tailored audience based on demographics, interests, and contact information and deliver Facebook Ads to those most likely to convert.

WeChat has dominated the Chinese social media scene, becoming a must use tool when trying to reach the Chinese population. WeChat is a one-of-kind application, a combination of WhatsApp, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple Pay. This can be an intimidating new territory for many businesses so we assist you in developing a WeChat strategy that best fits your needs.

Weibo is China’s biggest open social media platform, allowing people to converse over a broad range of topics and for companies/celebrities to send out messages to fans and followers. Utilizing Weibo when marketing to the Chinese population can show this demographic that you are invested in serving them, giving your business an edge over the competition.

Propel your brand with culturally impactful dialogue.

Successful Chinese language media buying hinges on good relationships with publications. Here at Periphery Digital, we ensure that your brand will be best positioned in front of your target demographic.

Our in-house public relations team tells stories worthy of genuine attention, create campaigns that can build a following and form mutually-beneficial partnerships that fit with your image, mission and goals. We can work with you to develop culturally appropriate PR strategies that resonate with the local community, as well as the local Chinese speaking demographic in the Lower Mainland.

We make sure to plan out media strategies that ensures maximum exposure to reach the client’s needs, whether it is through image-based, text-based advertising or both. Periphery Digital is extremely proud to say that we have maintain great relationships with every major digitally based Chinese-language publication as well as print based publications, in the Greater Vancouver Area.

Our event-planning team will create a customized list of press you need and find the influencers you want to promote your event. We take care of VIP invitations, RSVP’s and handle the on-site management including reception & communication of clients and follow-up work after the event.

Tell your story the way it’s intended to.

Whether it’s English or Chinese, Periphery Digital has you covered. Direct, google-style translations does very little to bring your message to life. Expand your audience by reaching out to customers in their native language.

We translate the meaning, culture and feel of a brand and its content so that the written material feels natural and organic – as if it was original content written in its native language. Our team has dedicated Chinese language translators, copywriters and editors who are able to overcome cultural barriers to get the right message across to a Chinese audience that fits the target demographic as set out by our clients.

Before a story can be shared, it must be told. Our strategists will work with the design team to insure you have the best outcome with our services. We will deliver our digital assets not only English but Chinese as well. This vital addition can increase your following, build and strengthen brand loyalty, and engage with a Chinese-speaking demographic.