We provide full-service solutions for your Chinese marketing needs.

Our Process

From Strategy to Launch


By aligning objectives and identifying industry-specific audiences, we work to establish the right strategies and outlets for every unique campaign.


Implementing strategies, meeting deadlines and achieving deliverables; we utilize strategic media partnerships to meet critical milestones and set your project in motion.


We maintain sustained growth through audience engagement, KPI tracking, and by adapting to changing markets and audience reception.


Reach A Chinese Audience Through Domestic Platforms

Digital Strategy

We work closely with clients to establish clear identifiable goals, strategy checkpoints, target demographics, measurable KPIs, and critical milestones.

Transparent timelines and coherent goals are the foundation of every strategic approach, this is how we develop and execute digital marketing and PR strategies that consistently deliver results.

  • Digital Media Planning
  • Content Calendar Creation
  • WeChat Official Account Creation
  • WeChat Strategy Consultation
  • WeChat Pay and Alipay Set Up
  • Reporting

Media & PR

We specialize in developing culturally appropriate Media and PR strategies that resonate with local communities, as well as the Chinese speaking demographic in North America.

We tell stories that fit your image, values, and goals while building mutually-beneficial partnerships with publications and influencers that earn genuine audience engagement.

  • Media Buying
  • PR Services
  • Programmatic Advertising
  • Out-of-Home Advertising
  • Radio & TV Commercial Production

Social Marketing

By picking the right social media community for your campaign we can make sure you’re making an impact where it counts. We are proud to offer all of our social media services in English, simplified Chinese, and traditional Chinese.

  • Facebook Ad Account Set Up
  • Facebook Campaigns
  • Facebook Lead Ad Integration
  • Instagram Stories
  • WeChat Moment Ads Campaigns
  • Weibo Ad Campaigns
  • Weibo Post Creation
  • Community Management

Content & Design

We provide culturally comprehensive content and design that manages the relationship between Western and Chinese audience.

Our creative content work to foster a cultural fluency for your brand that allows you to build genuine connections with a more diverse audience.

  • Translations
  • Content Creation
  • Online Display Ads
  • Print Ads
  • WeChat Banners
  • Branding
  • Web Design