Century City Holland Park

Where Modern Urban Living Embraces Nature's Grace.

Project Scope

Strategy, Design, Bilingual META Ads, Bilingual Google Ads, Media Buys

Downtown Surrey, an emerging hub for education and innovation, is witnessing a transformative addition: Century City Holland Park. Developed by the respected Century Group, this master-planned community seamlessly blends the pulse of the city with the serenity of nature.

Our Process

Navigating the allure of Century City Holland Park, our team focused on emphasizing its unrivaled urban convenience and proximity to major establishments like the King George SkyTrain Station, SFU, KPU, Central City Shopping Centre, UBC's future location, and Surrey Memorial Hospital. Our strategic design approach highlighted the development's central location, its modern amenities, and its well-designed spaces, catering to a 21st-century lifestyle. Bilingual digital strategies played a pivotal role, targeting both English and Mandarin-speaking audiences through Meta, Google, WeChat Advertorials, REW, and BBH. As the campaign rolled out, the unique selling points of the project, such as its dedicated spaces for various activities and design details like garden herb shelves, were brought to the forefront, resonating with prospective buyers seeking a harmonious blend of urban convenience and innovative design.


In our pursuit to capture the attention of potential homeowners, we integrated a multifaceted approach that seamlessly combined digital and traditional avenues. Our digital campaigns were spread across platforms like Meta, Google, WeChat Advertorials, REW, and BBH, ensuring a widespread reach to our bilingual audience. Alongside our online endeavors, we amplified visibility by employing traditional ad placements, particularly emphasizing the high-impact bus wraps that roamed the city, serving as moving billboards that showcased the allure of Century City Holland Park to thousands daily.

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The impact was undeniable. With 70% of the units sold, the project is poised to reach a 90% sales benchmark by the upcoming spring. Encouraged by this success, the client has entrusted us with their next endeavor – the second residential tower, Northwest Tower. Additionally, we're now collaborating on their rental project within the same thriving community.

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