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WeChat Moment Ads

Target overseas Chinese audiences

WeChat Moments Ads have the unique ability to specifically target overseas Chinese audiences in forty-two countries with an array of specifications tailored to your brand’s message. With an Officially Verified Account, you will have access to a more sophisticated, shareable, highly visible and effective method of attracting clients, an incredible improvement over the standard banner ads users have grown accustomed to.

Our team of specialists uses Moments Ads to create distinct messages for your intended audience, whether they be here in Vancouver or in one of the many other places where WeChat is popular. What’s more, is for every dollar of your ad spend used on Moments Ads, Moments Ads provides guaranteed impressions with direct links to your sites and to your official WeChat account, all without leaving the platform. Harnessing the most cost-effective targeted advertising tool for Chinese audiences packs a powerful punch, especially with our ability to integrate video, image, and text advertisements on this platform.

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