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Welcome — if you’re reading this page, you’re likely curious about our hiring and onboarding process. 

At Periphery, we’re committed to providing our team a work environment where they can learn and grow and support everyone in their own unique journey to success. We offer extended health benefits, provide you with all the equipment you need to do your job effectively, and recognize the importance of wellness and work-life balance. 

You spend a lot of your waking hours at work. You deserve to enjoy coming to work every day. We’re invested in the professional development of our people and know that happy employees equals exceptional work. We also have lots of fun together — we send each other memes on Slack, go to happy hours together, and share restaurant recommendations. We’re a diverse and inclusive workplace and strive to build a culture upon respect, accountability, and laughter.

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To learn more about what it’s like to work with us, check out our blog post.

We’re growing rapidly and often seeking resourceful, creative, and fun people to join our Periphery team. 

So, you’ve made it this far and are still interested in working with us? Awesome! We’re looking forward to getting to know you.

But first, here’s a quick overview of our hiring and onboarding process so you have a better idea of what to expect from the moment you see the job posting to your first week on the job.

1. Find a position on Indeed, LinkedIn, or our Job Board

We post all our new roles on Indeed, our company LinkedIn page, and also our job board. Be sure to follow us and check our page frequently for positions that match your skills and interests!

2. Apply with your resume & cover letter

Be sure to read the job description carefully. If your skills and experience match most of the criteria, we would love to hear from you! 

Cover letters aren’t required, but we love it when candidates let their personality and creativity shine through in their letters! It definitely helps you stand out from the crowd.

Depending on the role, a pre-screening technical test is sometimes used at this stage to get to know you better and assess your skills.

We understand that job descriptions can seem daunting and discouraging, especially if you’re lacking some of the core requirements. It’s important to remember that although we are striving for a new team member that fulfills these points, we would rather hire someone who is eager to learn and grow in the areas they are lacking rather than someone who excels at every point and has the ego to match. We want to ensure you are challenged in your position — it keeps things interesting and motivates you to grow and build your skills, and we’re committed to supporting each member of our team through this process.

3. Your interviews

We’ll get back to you within 1-2 weeks if you’re selected for an interview.

There are two parts to this stage. For each interview, you’ll be given multiple time slots to choose from to accommodate your schedule. 

  • Your first interview will be with your direct support (at Periphery, we don’t use the word ‘boss’) where job fit will be assessed. In this stage, we want to learn about your previous work experience as well as your personal values and what gets you excited. The interview goes both ways — it is also your chance to ask your future direct support questions to make sure you’d work well together. 
  • Your second interview will be with Marjo, Periphery’s co-founder and president. This interview will be more geared towards learning how your values align with ours and how your uniqueness can enhance our culture.

There are no trick questions, we promise! We know it’s easy to say not to be nervous, but we genuinely want to have a conversation to get to know you better, and we want our candidates to feel as relaxed as possible. Meeting you at a coffee shop is the norm for us, but at this time all interviews will be conducted virtually.

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4. Decision

Depending on how many candidates we’re interviewing, it will take us varying amounts of time to contact you about our decision. We respect your time and do everything we can to do this as soon as possible.

We contact all candidates regardless of if they’re successful through the interview process. We recognize you have invested a great deal of time and effort in this process, and we’re honoured by your excitement to work with us. If we’ve decided to move forward with another candidate, we’re more than happy to provide you with feedback on your interview process should you request it.

Additionally, a ‘no’ now doesn’t mean a ‘no’ forever. If we have another position open in the future that aligns with your skills, we encourage you to apply again.

We’re a small (but growing) team, and a lot of our positions involve team collaboration. This means we put a great deal of value on culture-fit and variation in skills. If you’re someone who exhibits a lot of growth potential, is a team player, and quick learner, then we want to find an opportunity for you at Periphery.

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5. You’re Hired!

Congratulations, you got the job! We’ll shoot you a phone call with the good news. Within the next day or two, we’ll draft up a formal offer letter and send it your way along with your start date. Please let us know if you need some time to sort out your current employment situation and we can adjust your start date as needed. 

Upon offer letter acceptance, we’ll send over an employment contract. We encourage you to take the time to read through it thoroughly before signing and to let us know of any questions or concerns you may have. 

6. Your first few days at Periphery

We look forward to welcoming you on your first day! We start each day with a morning huddle at 10am where we each share our tasks for the day. This gives team members a chance to understand what each other are working on, and is a time for any quick questions or announcements. You’ll be asked to introduce yourself to the team.

For your first week, you’ll be encouraged to book 15-minute one-on-one meetings with each member of the team to get to know everyone on a more personal level. 

Stand by for instructions from your direct support. You’ll likely have a series of meetings with them to learn everything there is to know about your position, accountabilities, and set expectations. You’ll get to know the members of your team and understand where you fit in the puzzle.

We know it’s difficult starting a new job — there’s so much information to learn! Don’t worry, we know you’ll be up to speed soon. Your direct support will set you up for success and have everything you need to hit the ground running, so don’t be afraid to ask any and all questions that come to mind. There are no stupid questions!

We look forward to welcoming you to our team! :heart:

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