Connecting with the Chinese community through Lunar New Year

Project Scope

Content, design, WeChat advertorials & banners, interactive game, WeChat livestream

Canadian telecommunications giant, TELUS, sought out Periphery’s expertise in Chinese marketing for their Lunar New Year WeChat campaign.

Their objective for the campaign was twofold: to increase awareness in the Chinese community through engaging cultural holiday content, and to drive leads to the landing page by emphasizing deals during China’s biggest holiday season.

Our Process

Using the assets provided to us by TELUS, we got to work creating our advertorials and banners with our internal creative teams ensuring meticulous alignment with TELUS' brand guidelines. We leveraged strategic partnerships to coordinate the interactive game design and livestream giveaway, tracking performance along the way.


We drafted 3 articles for different regions, adapting the interactive game to a gif to show gameplay in action. The WeChat banners directed traffic to the Official Account and we tracked clicks & conversions with UTM-tagged QR codes. WeChat vendor Vanpeople announced the livestream in their group to generate buzz. The livestream hosts repeated a call-to-action throughout, encouraging viewers to scan the QR code in the background to join TELUS' WeChat group for a limited time offer.

WeChat Advertorials

WeChat Banner

WeChat Livestream


TELUS' KPI for advertorial views was higher than average for our vendors, and we were determined to exceed it. The WeChat campaign received outstanding results and was well-received by the target audience.

Total campaign views

WeChat account growth rate

Conversion rate vs 2% industry avg

Advertorial views

Livestream views

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