Harry Rosen

Using a strategic approach to reach an all-new market.

Project Scope

Strategy, content, and ongoing management for WeChat, Facebook Ads, & Google Ads

Harry Rosen is a highly successful Canadian luxury men’s fashion retail chain founded in 1954. Their collections are comprised of several premier men’s labels including Armani, Hugo Boss, & Burberry to name a few.

Harry Rosen new Chinese customers represented a sizeable portion of the high-end fashion market, and knew they could trust Periphery to help. They approached us to strategize and execute a Chinese marketing campaign during Chinese New Year 2020.

Our Process

Our team dove deep to understand Harry Rosen's brand and audience and worked with them to develop a holistic strategy supported by culturally-fluent content at all stages of their campaign.


Periphery created a blended approach of WeChat, Facebook, Instagram, and Google Display ads to reach their desired market in Mainland China and Chinese Canadians. For the Year of the Rat, we designed a campaign slogan using the Chinese characters for 'mouse' and 'stylish' as a play on words. It was a great success, and the Harry Rosen team went on to receive national coverage for the campaign.

Social Ads

Google Ads

WeChat Banner Ads

WeChat Moments Ads

WeChat Advertorials


Ad design was successful and given a 22-second on-page time, which is 5x the WeChat industry average. Harry Rosen signed on with Periphery Digital indefinitely, and we are now the agency responsible for all of Harry Rosen's Chinese Marketing.

WeChat Follower Growth



Digital Ad Engagement

Cost per Click

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