WeChat: More than Messaging

WeChat App - More than a messaging app

It’s impossible to get by in China without a WeChat account.

This is a common adage if you’ve ever had a conversation with a mainland Chinese living overseas in North America or Europe. More often than not, these same users will tell you how western based social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat are “underwhelming” or even “backwards”, signalling the strength, dominance and utility WeChat offers to its most dedicated user base.

‘Why is WeChat so powerful?’, one might ask. And the answer is simple; WeChat was able to fully leverage the idea of an ‘app within an app‘ model, allowing third party developers to launch their mobile applications directly within the WeChat app, bypassing the need to ever leave this super app.

Hoping to have food delivered to your house? Done. Want a hail a taxi, pay it’s driver, without having to use Uber? Done. Owe your friends money? Done. And remember – this is done all within one app and ecosystem. It’s usage and ability to interlink so many different applications beyond just chat and social sharing truly positions WeChat as the one app to rule them all – if you’re in China.

There are limitations of course, especially if you use WeChat outside of China, but that’ll be in another blog post. Below, you’ll find some interesting statistics we found for WeChat – what we at Periphery Digital considered to be the worlds first ‘super app’.

If you could use some guidance in this or any other area of your Chinese marketing efforts, we encourage you to contact us today. We can help you develop a solid strategy that will get real results.

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