7 Steps to Launching a Successful Chinese Digital Marketing Campaign

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Marketing can be challenging in and of itself. Marketing to an entirely different demographic can make things that much harder. After all, what works for one segment may not produce much of any results for another, and vice versa. It can be helpful to develop a strategy ahead of time that will allow you to more closely align your messaging to the audience you’re targeting. If you’re planning on breaking into the Chinese consumer market, here are seven steps that will set you up for better success when launching a Chinese digital marketing campaign.

Step 1: Develop Chinese marketing material

It’s important to point out that this step involves much more than just simply translating your content word for word. To reach, and more importantly, connect with Chinese consumers, they must be able to identify with your messaging. That means localizing content as well as your products and services.

Step 2: Optimize to be found on search engines

The direction you go with this step will depend on where, geographically, you are targeting your audience. If you are aiming for consumers in the mainland of China, you will need to focus your SEO efforts on the Chinese search engine Baidu, as Google is blocked there. If you are trying to reach Chinese consumers who live elsewhere in the world, a combo of Google and Baidu would be the best strategy.

Step 3: Establish a presence on social media

Again, the amount of time and effort you invest in marketing socially should be determined based on where your prospects are located. In either case, Chinese consumers all over the globe tend to spend much of their time on sites like Weibo and WeChat. Facebook, Twitter and other popular platforms will still have their fair share of Chinese users, but research should be conducted to determine how you should segment.

Step 4: Employ the right staff to handle customer care

Just as your messaging must cater to the unique needs of the Chinese consumer, the support you provide must be equally tailored to them. Employ customer care representatives who are fluent in Chinese, Cantonese and any other language spoken by those to whom you are marketing.

Step 5: Run ads and retargeted ads in Chinese

If you want to reach more prospects, you have to invest in ads that will position your brand as a front runner. You also need to make sure those ads are designed and optimized to resonate powerfully with your target audience. Remember, Chinese consumers have certain distinct preferences and expectations. Everything from design and layout to colour scheme and messaging should be carefully crafted with them in mind.

Step 6: Promote content socially

Once you’ve established a presence on all the major social networks, including those targeting the Chinese demographic, amplify your message through the various available options. For instance, invest in promoted posts and promoted accounts to increase your exposure, further your reach and improve on your marketing results.

Step 7: Track, measure and adjust accordingly

If you are launching a Chinese marketing campaign that’s separate from other campaigns, it’s wise to keep the results of each separate. This will allow you to more closely track and more accurately measure how your approach is working so that you can identify areas where improvements can and should be made.

To successfully market to Chinese consumers, you must conduct careful research and focus on the details and segmented execution that is tailored to the unique needs, preferences and pain points of this demographic. A well planned out Chinese digital marketing strategy – such as one that involves the steps above – will help you better define your business goals and develop the right strategy for achieving them.

If you could use some assistance reaching prospective Chinese customers, contact our team today. We can help point you in the right direction so that the campaigns you put in place get the best possible results.

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