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7 Interesting Facts about WeChat

With over 818 million monthly active users, it’s obvious that WeChat is among the most popular of all the Chinese social networks. But what else do we know about this trendy mobile messaging app? Understanding not only how well-liked a particular network is but also when, where and how it is being used can help businesses better develop and hone their marketing strategies to achieve greater results. So, with that being said, let’s take a look at seven interesting facts about WeChat.

1. There are almost as many daily users as monthly

Ok, we’re talking in millions, so maybe it’s not quite that close, but considering the fact that the site’s daily active users rose to 768 million as of September 2016, it is a pretty impressive feat. Additionally, recent numbers indicate that daily users spend anywhere from 30 minutes to 4+ hours a day using the app. Now, imagine what you could do if you could expand your reach and get your marketing message in front of even just a small percentage of these users.

2. People use WeChat to do almost everything

A typical day for a WeChat user might include everything from chatting with friends to shopping and sending an online payment to playing a game, splitting the bill at lunch or even hailing a taxi for a ride home. Simply put, WeChat has become an integral part of everyday life for a huge portion of the Chinese population.

3. WeChat users love to shop

Credits: walkthechat.com

At last check, the percentage of WeChat users that purchase products online came in at an incredible 83%. This categorizes WeChat users as among the most active social shoppers in the entire world. If you aren’t yet leveraging this platform as an additional source of e-commerce revenue, you’re missing out on a significant opportunity.

4. WeChat users are not just in China

In fact, at last count, the number of WeChat users living outside the mainland of China topped out at around 70 million. Not too shabby. That means that if you’re targeting Chinese consumers as part of your marketing strategy, there’s also an opportunity to reach those who may be residing elsewhere, such as in North America. Keep this in mind when developing and implementing your marketing campaigns.

5. The best time to reach users is evenings

While this particular statistic has been somewhat challenging to nail down, by most accounts the time of day when WeChat users are most active is believed to be between 10:00-10:30pm. So, if you are going to plan your campaigns and broadcasts strategically, doing so during this timeframe will likely get you better results.

6. The average WeChat user has 128 contacts

While this number may seem relatively small, keep in mind that these are the number of people to whom each user is closely connected. Given the power of word-of-mouth marketing, this still presents a golden opportunity for you to expand your reach and hopefully achieve greater growth through these valuable connections.

7. WeChat’s payment option opens additional doors

It’s long been known that removing barriers and making transactions as convenient as possible for customers can dramatically improve the chances of conversion. WeChat’s payment option has created a new way to do just that. And with some 200 million users leveraging the app for making payments, the audience is certainly there. Even offline retailers are able to accept this type of payment, so if you haven’t already, the time to jump onboard is now.

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