10 Reasons Why You Should Write for the Periphery Digital Blog

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Are you looking to get exposure to a growing audience and position yourself as a thought leader in your field? 

Do you have findings or insights to share with other professionals in your field? 

Or are you a student looking for mentorship opportunities and to build your portfolio?

Great news — we’re looking for people like you to contribute to our blog. 

Whether you’re an expert in the industry or just beginning your journey — if you have something to say, we’d love to hear it and help you share it.

We want to build a community where experts in our industry are provided a place to share their insights and discuss ideas. We want to provide learning and mentorship opportunities for students who are building their careers in the tech sector. And we need your help.

Benefits of Writing for Us

There are many benefits to writing for our blog:

  • Boost your credibility to clients and potential employers by being featured on one of Vancouver’s top marketing agencies’ blog & social media feeds
  • Get featured in our newsletter of 500+ (and growing) industry professionals
  • Opportunity to build your portfolio
  • Get a ‘follow’ backlink to your site with an author bio
  • We’re always building our pipeline of freelancers and a post will open the doors to partnerships down the road
  • Work with our internal team directly to get your post exactly how you want it to sound
  • When Periphery is hiring in the future for positions you wish to apply for, your application will stand out

It’s important to us for you to feel like you’re benefiting from this collaboration, so let us know if there’s something else we can do to ensure this is the case.

Please understand we will not be offering monetary compensation for blog contributors at this time.

What We’re Looking For

We’d ideally like to find regular contributors, but if you only have time to write one or two posts, that’s okay too!

Content Buckets

Our ideal content buckets fall into four categories:

  • General marketing
    • Industry trends, tips, tricks, news, and insights
  • Real estate
    • The condo and townhome landscape in Vancouver or China
    • Marketing
  • Chinese culture
    • Customs & holidays
    • Social networks – WeChat, Weibo, etc
  • Mix – e.g. Real Estate Marketing Tips for a Chinese Audience; How to Use WeChat to Market Your Real Estate Project

If you have a topic you’d like to write about that is semi-related to our field (e.g. design, development) please pitch it to us! We’ll publish it on a case-by-case basis.


We have a few different varieties of readers. Generally they are both male and female between the ages of 25-34. Our readers and the audience we wish to attract include:

  • Luxury real estate development C-suite professionals
  • Luxury real estate marketing professionals
  • General marketing professionals at medium to large companies
  • Employment seekers

Please keep this audience in mind when writing your post.

Our Process

You’ve gotten this far and decide you’d like to write for us? Awesome! We’re very happy for this opportunity to collaborate with you. 

Once you fill out the form with your name and email address, our internal marketing team will contact you within 24 hours.

Please carefully read the steps below before submitting your post for publication on our blog

Step 1

  • Once our team has contacted you, please reply with your topic ideas. The more topics you provide, the higher the likeliness one of them will be a good fit for our blog, and the sooner your post will be published!

Step 2

  • Once your topic has been approved, start your outline. This is your blog skeleton with subheadings supporting your topic. It should consist of the main takeaways in the form of bullet points with links to all sources to be included in your final post.
  • Ensure your sources are credible. Blogs are okay, as long as they’re from well-known companies and use credible sources to cite their own points. We’ll be checking them with your outline — if you’re not sure about a source, feel free to email and ask.
  • Make sure to include all images included in the final post at this stage. They should include a caption, and be sourced credibly too. 
    • If you look at our blog, you’ll get an idea of how many images to use per post. At least 2 for 500 words, probably 4 or 5 for 1000 words, etc. Ensure the images support your post and aren’t just there to look pretty. We prefer charts and screenshots, not random stock images. 
    • A tip: Sometimes it may be difficult to find a chart or image to support your writing. If this is the case, try to find an interesting chart that is relevant to your topic before you start writing that section, and instead use the image as inspiration for a paragraph or two.
    • Bonus points if you create a chart/dataset yourself!
      • Don’t worry about making these look polished. As long as they make sense and are readable, we have a design team to remake them to align with our branding
  • Submit your finished outline!

Step 3

  • Our team will either approve your outline so you can start writing your post, or send it back to you with feedback for revisions. Your outline must be approved before moving on to the next step.
  • If your outline is approved, you may write your post! Once you are finished, please send back the entire post for a final check.

Step 4

  • Our team will either approve your post, or send it back to you with feedback and edits required. Once you have addressed the edits and are happy with the result, send it back once more for publication!

Step 5

  • We’ll post your article on our site! Please know we reserve the right to edit the post to our liking beyond final approval before it’s live on our site. 
  • You’re a published author!


Please consider the following when choosing topics and writing your post

  • Don’t be overly salesy: we understand this is an opportunity to build your personal audience, but writing in this way has the opposite effect — it comes across as disingenuous and isn’t interesting to readers who are looking for strategic, unique insights educating and informing them about your area of expertise. 
  • Avoid writing your blog post like a report: We love facts and figures to back up our claims, but don’t bore your reader to death with specialized industry jargon and academic-style writing. Write in a conversational tone while still sounding knowledgeable.
  • Consider SEO best practices: Construct your post around a keyword and use latent semantic indexing (LSI) keywords to reinforce your topic. Do not keyword-stuff your article. Use relevant anchor text when linking, and ensure your post is broken up into bite-sized paragraphs instead of huge walls of text. This will boost the visibility of your post on search engines.
  • Only original articles will be accepted: Articles that are plagiarized in any way won’t be accepted. You may repost your article on your own website or blog 30 days after it has been published on our blog.

Learning Opportunities at Periphery

Are you a marketing student looking for internship opportunities?

We’re Periphery. One of Vancouver’s top marketing agencies. We combine English and Chinese paid strategies to connect our clients to new markets, insightful tactics, and quality leads. Media in Canada, Business in Vancouver, and Small Business BC have respectively recognized us for our impactful campaigns, excellent leadership, and as an employer of choice.

We’re a quirky mix of marketers, designers, project and account managers who love to eat, listen to podcasts, climb mountains, and dress up. We take pride in our individualism to form our collective team of data-driven nerds with big dreams and outside-the-box perspectives, and we want you to be a part of it.

As a top marketing agency in Vancouver, we want our personal brand and marketing activities to represent us accurately to the world. We’re considering having a summer intern at our agency on the internal marketing team. We’re still in the process of outlining responsibilities, but this would be an amazing opportunity to get a head start before we launch this initiative. 

  • By filling out the form and writing a blog post, you’d be put on a list to be the first to know if and when we launch the program, giving you a leg up on your peers.
  • Submitting a blog post would considerably boost your chances of getting an interview, and subsequently, the opportunity
  • Even if we decide to not launch this program right away, we’ll have workshops and webinars geared towards students starting their careers
  • When you’re starting out (and throughout your career) it’s invaluable to keep building your professional network in your industry
  • Even if you don’t get the job, writing a blog for us gives you a free learning opportunity to improve your writing. Many marketers say copywriting is the single most important marketing skill.
  • You’ll be a published author! 

If this is something that interests you, fill out the form on the landing page to submit a post and we’ll get back to you in the same fashion as the steps above.

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