How to Triple the ROI of Your Real Estate Renderings

Real Estate Rendering

Randi Bradley is a Marketing Manager at LNG Studios, a creative visualization agency specializing in pre-sale real estate and immersive technology.

In collaboration with Periphery Digital, our sister company specializing in digital advertising, we analyzed the data on real estate rendering ROI. Here are our findings:

Exterior street-level renderings generate the most leads in a pre-sale real estate digital campaign.

Get Outside

With numerous pre-sale launches fighting for buyers’ attention, developers need to put their marketing dollars towards the renderings that will offer the most ROI and decrease cost per lead.

At the beginning of the marketing campaign for your pre-sale development, you have already confirmed where your marketing dollars will be allocated. To ensure each marketing asset you invest in generates the leads you need, we suggest starting strong with a high-resolution exterior rendering. It offers a glimpse into your real estate project’s mood, story, environment, and lifestyle. It is also typically the only confirmed item in your development process, as interior design often comes later. 

Rendered exterior aerial featuring its distinctive architecture
   Exterior aerial rendering highlighting its distinctive architecture.

Consider if your development has a unique selling feature: 

  • Is your location desirable? 
  • Do you have exceptional outdoor amenities? 
  • Is your architecture distinctive? 

Highlighting unique features and/or amenities can help convey additional value in your 3D rendering. 

With over a decade in the pre-sale real estate industry, we have developed multiple teaser strategies, from utilizing stock photos to artistic line drawings to branding creatives that highlight the legacy and portfolio of the developer. With the increasing popularity of digital ad strategies, we see two key data points:

  • Ads with renderings typically outperform ads with only stock images.
  • Exterior renderings outperform interior renderings. 

Viewers want something tangible. We encourage you to invest your marketing dollars in these high-performing exterior renderings right from the start.

“Ads with renderings typically outperform ads with only stock images.”

Angle Your Way to Success

Once a development has officially launched sales, there is often a tight time crunch to reach a certain percentage of pre-sales to meet project financing. 

Now is the time to refresh your ads, and if you haven’t already taken our advice above, it’s time to bring out your “Hero” — but let’s make sure you are capturing its good side. 

Our data shows that renderings with the entire building in view outperform exterior renderings with a more intimate perspective, and street view renderings outperform all other exteriors. 

Rendered street view capturing the entire building with a slight upwards angle
            Exterior street view rendering capturing the entire building in the image, with a slight upwards angle.

In one example of a townhome project with ads leading with both a street view rendering and an aerial rendering, the street view surpassed the performance of the aerial by far – 146 leads to 36. When analyzing our own platforms, we also see street view angles outperforming regarding engagement. 

But why is this angle so successful? 

Interestingly, we saw a correlation between a street view’s upward angle and an interior’s upward angle performing similarly (for example, an interior lobby with high ceilings). 

The purpose of 3D renderings is to help potential buyers visualize their future homes. The mood, aesthetic, lighting, and angle can help capture buyers’ interest, immerse them into the unbuilt space, and draw an emotional response from them. With a grandiose angle, this contextual and human view gives you that engaging immersion. 

Rendered exterior street view of the welcoming aesthetic of the building
Exterior street view rendering showcasing the pleasant and welcoming aesthetic of the building and its environment.

“…the street view outperformed the aerial by far, 146 leads to 36.”

Enlist Experts

Pre-sale marketing strategies are pre-planned months ahead of the official sales launch, with intent and purpose for each phase of the sales campaign. Buyers can be a mercurial audience, and it’s essential to continue reassessing and optimizing your strategy to get the most out of your marketing budget. Developers should ensure they use their allocated marketing budget to their full advantage. 

LNG Studios is an A-Z service that partners with companies in the creative media ecosystem. With our extensive industry experience and knowledge, we can make professional recommendations for the assets that best serve the sales launch based on your budget. 

Learn how to extend the lifeline of your assets by extracting an artistic still or creating an animated clip from an existing 3D rendering. Let’s work together to get the most traction from your digital campaign.

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LNG Studios is a creative visualization agency specializing in pre-sale real estate and immersive technology. They are headquartered in Vancouver with offices in Toronto and San Francisco. 

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