The Periphery Team’s Favourite COVID-19 Marketing Campaigns

The Periphery Team's Favourite COVID-19 Marketing Campaigns

COVID-19 has single-handedly created a “new normal”. We are all growing accustomed to remote-work and all its pros and cons. Fortunately, creativity has never been higher for some companies that continue showing the rest of the world (and their competitors) how to make the most of this situation. This creativity has developed some fantastic marketing strategies and campaigns. Now, a few members of our team have listed their favourite COVID-19 marketing campaigns so far.

Our Favourite COVID-19 Campaigns

Alex Wan: Netflix “The Spoiler Billboard”

I thought it was a thoughtful and clever way of utilizing their content for COVID awareness. While not the intent, it may also help promote their series for people who see the ads. It’s also a great use of OOH advertising for a digitally native brand.

Kessie Xu: IKEA “I Stay Home”

IKEA’s “Stay Home” commercial caught my eye because it’s so different from their usual ads that often incorporate humour to promote their products. The minimalist video reminds us of the important moments that took place in our homes and the enjoyable interactions that are often overlooked in our daily lives. It’s a great way to encourage people to see things from a different perspective and take this opportunity to seek out new experiences and create new memories from home.

Grace Zhang: Heal the World with Self-Isolation #stayhomicillin

The pill-shaped balconies create a strong visual impact while describing how the best healing pill is to stay at home. I like the design, copy and lovely call to action. Yes, for us, self-isolation requires smaller efforts, but for the world, it makes all the difference.

Print advertisement created by BRID, Georgia for BRID, within the categories: Agency Self-Promo, Public Interest, NGO.

Kathy Chow: Rabitabank “Cashless”

Banks have always been encouraging digital transactions rather than cash transactions, as banks can get more data, information, and have an understanding through customers’ spending habits and geographical locations. With the help of the authoritative World Health Organization’s message, Rabitabank has this brilliant ad to remind customers that handling banknotes might involve the spread of bacteria and viruses. Consumers will be motivated to switch from cash transactions to digital translation to enjoy a more convenient transaction and, most importantly, avoid handling cash, which might be contaminated. At the same time, the bank can serve its ultimate objective of gathering information about individuals’ spending habits.

Created by Endorphin, Azerbaijan for Rabitabank

Cate Li: Nike “Play for the World | You Can’t Stop Us”

Nike clearly understands its target audience well and demonstrates incredible empathy with this campaign. In this global situation, Nike’s been able to make its audience feel like they are not alone. The brand gives a strong impression that they are with their people, and makes them feel like heroes. The detailed narrative finishes with the brand’s big-picture messaging, which is critical. Nike has consistently created superior marketing campaigns and makes it clear that its brand (and branding) is world-class. It’s smart, attractive, compelling, and beautifully minimal. A powerful ad, just like Nike always does.

Final Words

We believe COVID-19’s impact will have a lasting effect, but the details remain unclear. For us, marketing is a source of inspiration, and we hope you can find yours as well. 

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Thank you for reading and stay safe!

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