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"Facebook, Instagram, Google, YoutTube, WeChat, and more in English and Chinese. Scalable, tried-and-true strategies paired with laser targeting and continuous optimization ensures your performance ads convert with higher quality leads so your dollar goes further."


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Website Design, Remarketing, Facebook Ads


Digital Strategy

To get the most out of your marketing activities, you need a dynamic plan to guide you in the right direction. We'll devise a unique strategy aligned with your organizational goals specifically designed to maximize ROI.


Social Advertising

Performance ads with laser targeting, frequent optimizations, and measureable KPIs on the networks your audience is. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WeChat, and more.


Search Engine Marketing

Connecting your brand with people already looking for you with high performance keywords and thoughtful copy that highlights your value. Never 'set-it-and-forget-it', continuous optimizations drive down CPA.


Display & Programmatic

Increase your visibility to the right people and retarget them after interacting with your business with eye-catching HTML5 ads on thousands of sites.


Chinese Digital

Culturally fluent web, mobile, app, and video ads on the most popular Chinese networks helping you reach customers you didn't know were looking for you.


Connected TV

Reach your audience on the big screen with ads on their favourite live and on-demand networks. Data-driven targeting minimizes wasted ad spend, boosting ROI.

What people are saying:

"[Periphery Digital] has been a great partner for Tourism Richmond to expand our digital presence into China, with a strategic, flexible and results-oriented approach...

they clearly understood the right target audiences, digital strategies and tactics."

Patrick Gill, Director of Marketing, Tourism Richmond

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