City of Vancouver Water Wise

Informing Chinese-Vancouverites how they can be Water Wise

Project Scope

Facebook Ads, WeChat Advertorials, PR Articles, Weibo management

We are very fortunate to live in Vancouver – a city surrounded by natural waterways and often experience mild, wet winters. It is easy to forget that treated drinking water is a precious resource that can become limited during dry, hot summers.

Periphery took part in helping spread the word to Cantonese and Mandarin speaking residents on what we can do and what the City of Vancouver is doing to become a water wise city.

Our Process

We carefully assessed City of Vancouver's current marketing initiatives, conducted research, defined objectives, and developed a holistic strategy to target Chinese-speaking residents in Vancouver. We ensured our content was primarily educational with a casual yet informative tone, and also varied slightly between platforms to speak to the audience that spends their time there.


Produced advertising materials in Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese utilizing Single Image and Instant Experience Ads. We developed educational advertorials that highlighted how Vancouver citizens can be water wise during the summer for multiple established Vancouver-based Chinese WeChat accounts. We created a 3-month long content calendar with the goal of getting the public to reduce watering their lawns and increase value of treated drinking water.


Facebook Ads




With Periphery's help, the City of Vancouver was able to resonate with the Chinese-speaking audience.

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