King George Hub

Creating a comprehensive digital campaign.

Project Scope

Strategy, content, design, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, WeChat Advertorials & Banners Ads, media buys for digital

King George Hub will be a vibrant, master-planned community in the heart of Surrey City Centre. The first two towers in the development sold out at record speed and developer PCI wanted their final two to have the same fate.

Periphery partner and project marketing firm Rennie passed us this project because of our expertise in digital marketing combined with our bilingual in-house production — they knew we could get the job done.

This campaign went on to win an award for its success at the 2021 Hashtag Awards.

Our Process

We carefully considered the marketing funnel when constructing our strategy, and knew we needed to be able to quickly adapt to the volatile real estate market. We came up with KPIs aligned with King George Hub's goals of collecting registrations, bringing people to the presentation centre, and booking home tours to ensure we stayed on track.


Our full digital strategy included eye-catching, on-brand ads on Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, Google, YouTube, and the first-ever real estate marketers to try Pinterest ads. We bought digital media placements online and out-of-home including WeChat, elevators, billboards, and Chinese digital TV.

Social Ads

Google Ads


Digital Out of Home



PCI was extremely happy with the results Periphery was able to achieve from their campaigns. We won an award for our work on this campaign at the 2021 Hashtag Awards, and 64% King George Hub's presentation centre visitors were directly attributed to Periphery's advertising efforts.

of presentation centre visitors came from our campaigns



Avg cost per lead

Homes sold in 1 week

Sold out in 10 months

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