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Project Scope

PR strategy & articles, influencer marketing, video production, media buying, programmatic advertising

Fjällräven broke into the North American apparel scene with the famous Kanken backpack, but they wanted to be known for more than that — their rugged outdoor gear and their community-oriented company values.

Fjällräven’s mission is to develop timeless and durable outdoor equipment and apparel, act responsibly towards people, animals and nature, and inspire people to get outside.

Our Process

Periphery Digital was tasked with creating a media exposure campaign to run alongside the launch of Fjällräven’s new location. We needed to immerse ourselves in the Fjällräven brand in order to effectively showcase them as an extreme outfitter through the videos and photography from an Kamchatka expedition, and draw an audience to their new location.


With a limited budget for the event but access to their roster of gear, Fjällräven wanted to put influencer marketing to the test. Periphery Digital and their YClout team took on the challenge of bringing in major local influencers as well as Chinese media and digital press to the event.

Promotional Video

Media & PR


Our strategy was successful in creating buzz for the new location, as well as connecting Fjällräven with the Chinese audience.


Press Release Articles

Local Influencers


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