Marketing to the local Chinese community’s expectations.

Project Scope

WeChat Advertorials, Chinese app banners

Endy is a famous Canadian brand, known for disrupting the mattress industry by being the first in our nation to say good-bye to brick and mortar stores, and exclusively sell their products through an e-commerce model. Their initial goal was simple: make the process of buying a mattress easier.

As a Canadian company, Endy recognizes the importance of cultural inclusivity in regards to the diverse communities and demographics of our nation.

Our Process

After learning about Endy's business objectives and goals, we leveraged Endy's existing marketing by adapting their current communications and advertising to best fit the local Chinese community’s expectations. We set campaign objectives and crafted a strategy using our expertise of the Chinese market to select the right media placements and develop compelling content.


We developed an engaging advertorial that highlighted Endy’s convenience, affordability, excellent return policy, and online promotion. We also published a promotion on Dealmoon – an established Chinese online shopping and lifestyle advisory site to reach the desired audience.

Chinese App Banners

WeChat Advertorial


The market and the channels we were engaging with were very effective at reaching the Chinese community, and suggested that Endy’s best next steps would be to offer their online store in the Chinese language in order to make the UX smoother.



Advertorial Views

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