Media Interview: Zhidao Media Inc

Chinese Media Vendor Interviews with Periphery Digital

This interview series sheds light on the current Chinese-language advertising landscape (especially in media). We have connected with Chinese media companies in Vancouver and the lower mainland to share answers directly from the source. These are partners of Periphery Digital, and their insights will clarify the landscape, as it stands today, in a rapid-fire style.

We work together with these companies to create successful campaigns for our clients.

Zhidao Media Inc.

Company Overview

Zhidao Media Inc. is a media company based in Canada. They create content and manage ads catered to the chinese community on WeChat, Weibo, Vancoolver APP and Homapp. They reach over 500,000 domestic immigrants and even more overseas active users. They have been in this business for over twelve years.

About Our Guest

Joining us for an interview today is Alicia Shi, from Zhidao Media Inc. She is the GM of the company’s Canadian operations, and she’s taken a little time to share details with us.


Q: What kind of advertisements are working best right now?

A: App news feed ads & WeChat advertorials (headline advertorials especially). 

Q:  Companies are afraid that advertising right now is a risk. What are your thoughts on this in your experience? 

A: It’s an opportunity for companies that are still offering services during COVID-19, such as online education and delivering services.

Q: Have you noticed many companies taking bad comments for advertising as they have been through COVID-19? 

A: Do not promote offline events!

Q: Last question: What are the best opportunities for advertising right now? Which industries should especially consider advertising right now? 

A: Online education, food delivery services, video games.

Final Words

Thanks again to Alicia from Zhi Dao Media Inc. for participating. If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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