Media Interview: Westca

Chinese Media Vendor Interviews with Periphery Digital

This interview series sheds light on the current Chinese-language advertising landscape (especially in media). We have connected with Chinese media companies in Vancouver and the lower mainland to share answers directly from the source. These are partners of Periphery Digital, and their insights will clarify the landscape, as it stands today, in a rapid-fire style.

We work together with these companies to create successful campaigns for our clients.


Company Overview

Westca is a leading Chinese language media company in Canada that is based in Vancouver. Westca’s publication operates 1 website and 4 WeChat platforms. The website has over 80K registered users, over 250K independent ID visits (mostly in metro Vancouver areas) and more than 42 million page views per month. Westca’s main WeChat platform has over 47K subscribers. They have been in this business for over eighteen years.

About Our Guest

Joining us for an interview today is Boris from Westca. He is a Sales Representative from the company’s Canada operations, and he’s taken a little time to share details with us.


Q: What kind of advertisements are working best right now?

A: WeChat banners and advertorials. 

Q:  Companies are afraid that advertising right now is a risk. What are your thoughts on this in your experience? 

A: As people spend more time at home, online click-through rates are much higher than usual (2 or 3 times). It is the best time ever to do online advertising, especially good for branding and PR, even though less perfect time for project-specific aims. 

Q: Have you noticed many companies taking bad comments for advertising as they have been through COVID-19? 

A: Not at all. 

Q: What are the best opportunities for advertising right now? Which industries should especially consider advertising right now? 

A: It is the best time to do PR, for example, to strengthen its social responsibility, and community connections through the COVID-19 period.

Q: With everything going on, is this a good time for Western companies to explore Chinese-language media? What would you recommend to them if they are considering it?

A: Definitely. Don’t try too hard to sell any products or services now but to publish its social responsibility, efforts to fight the pandemic and community connections/support.

Final Words

Thanks again to Boris from Westca for participating. If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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