Media Interview: VanPeople

Chinese Media Vendor Interviews with Periphery Digital

This interview series sheds light on the current Chinese-language advertising landscape (especially in media). We have connected with Chinese media companies in Vancouver and the lower mainland to share answers directly from the source. These are partners of Periphery Digital, and their insights will clarify the landscape, as it stands today, in a rapid-fire style.

We work together with these companies to create successful campaigns for our clients.


Company Overview was founded in 2008, and our usage has been growing steadily in the past ten years. currently has over 400,000 registered users, and over 2,000 local businesses have run ads on us.

About Our Guest

Joining us is Jerry from VanPeople. He is the Vice President of the company’s Canadian operations and he has taken some time to go through these questions with us.


Q: Can you please elaborate on your Company Overview with more recent details? 

A: Sure. VanPeople App for both IOS and Android was launched in 2015. It repackages all the contents from our desktop website to mobile devices. So far, VanPeople App has been downloaded over 60,000 times and served over 200,000 users.

Q: What kind of advertisements are working best right now?:

A: Web page & social media (WeChat). 

Q:  Companies are afraid that advertising right now is a risk. What are your thoughts on this in your experience? 

A: Challenges and opportunities coexist. It’s a hard time for a physical store, such as a restaurant, but great timing for e-commerce platforms and online education.

Q: Have you noticed many companies taking bad/negative comments for advertising as they have been through COVID-19? 

A: There are no bad/negative comments through COVID-19, though we have seen companies postpone their campaigns [due to concerns for how they might be perceived]. 

Q: What are the best opportunities for advertising right now? Which industries should especially consider advertising right now?

A: E-commerce platforms, online Education, catering, and on-demand delivery.

Final Words

Thanks again to Jerry from Vanpeople for participating. If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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