Media Interview: Coast Mountain Publishing (WC Weekly)

Chinese Media Vendor Interviews with Periphery Digital

This interview series sheds light on the current Chinese-language advertising landscape (especially in media). We have connected with Chinese media companies in Vancouver and the lower mainland to share answers directly from the source. These are partners of Periphery Digital, and their insights will clarify the landscape, as it stands today, in a rapid-fire style.

We work together with these companies to create successful campaigns for our clients.

WC Weekly

Company Overview

West Canada Weekly (WC Weekly) is a Chinese media company based in Vancouver. They are a leading media company in British Columbia for Chinese residents. Their goal is to deliver news to residents of BC quickly and precisely. They have been in this business for over eleven years.

The company operates five WeChat public accounts:

  • West Canada Weekly (WeChat ID: westcanadaweekly)
  • CACNews (WeChat ID: cacnewsca)
  • Canadian Real Estate (WeChat ID: realestateweek360)
  • Vancouver Hot News (WeChat ID: vanhotnews)
  • Welifevan (WeChat ID: welifevan)

Two weekly publications:

  • West Canada Weekly 
  • Canadian Chinese Real Estate Week

As well as seasonal tourism brochures:

  • Vancouver Travel Guide for Chinese Visitors

About Our Guest

Joining us for an interview today is Terry from WC Weekly. He is an Account Manager within the company’s Canadian operations, and he’s taken a little time to share details with us.


Thanks for joining us, Terry. First question: What kind of advertisements are working best right now?

A: WeChat advertising & print advertising are working. 

Q:  Companies are afraid that advertising right now is a risk. What are your thoughts on this in your experience? 

A: Affected by the epidemic, most industries are currently in a state of temporary stagnation, but the basic purchasing power of most people is still there. I think it is possible to maintain a certain amount of brand exposure in order to obtain more sales in the summer after a while. For the real estate industry, except for the decrease in the number of listings from January to April this year, the property market price has not changed. After the epidemic, the savings in the hands of buyers will turn to safe-haven investments. Therefore, there should be a sales volume in autumn and winter and things will slowly pick up. The real estate industry can increase advertising exposure in the second half of the year 2020.

Q: Have you noticed many companies taking bad comments for advertising as they have been through COVID-19? 

A: At least not so far on our platform. Perhaps because now most [advertisements] are to support public welfare and products discount advertisements.

Q: What are the best opportunities for advertising right now? Which industries should especially consider advertising right now? 

A: Insurance, fresh food distribution, e-commerce (online video promotion, online office, online education, online consultation).

Q: With everything going on, is this a good time for Western companies to explore Chinese-language media? What would you recommend to them if they are considering it?

A: Before the epidemic, I believe that a large number of Western companies have achieved great success in the Chinese market. At present, China is a relatively small country [in terms of how it’s] affected by the epidemic. It is conceivable that the Chinese market will become a big market in the future. I would suggest that they increase the penetration of Chinese advertising. This is not only limited to the advertising channels but also close to the Chinese market in terms of products and design concepts.

Final Words

Thanks again to Terry from WC Weekly for participating. If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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