Chinese Consumer Insights: A List 3rd Party Research (Before & After COVID-19)

Chinese Consumer Insights:  A List 3rd Party Research (Before & After COVID-19)

Periphery is a digital marketing agency that connects companies to new markets, strategies, and opportunities. The most significant opportunity is how we help our clients connect with Chinese-language audiences (both locally and internationally).

Consumer insights allow our agency to develop a broader perspective for more informed, thoughtful, and strategic decisions.

This research can do the same for everyone. Decision-making is paramount in any business, and context is key to making sound business cases and client recommendations.

This piece will share 3rd party resources that explore Chinese consumer insights. Every question you have about marketing to Chinese consumers (or any consumers), can be answered by understanding them. This list is a great starting point to learn about Chinese consumers before your next campaign.

What To Expect In This List

Research from consulting firms, insights from news publications, and reports from major NGOs. Naturally, we take no responsibility for what is published by these authors.

The resources below are recent (2018 or later). Reports are in two groups: before COVID-19 and after COVID-19 (predictions and forecasts). We found the latter group especially interesting (although slightly premature in some cases).

You’ll see below there are some reports saying consumers are spending more, and others that suggest the opposite.

These differences are important to know because of how they can create bias. 

We create Chinese-languages campaigns, but we also can’t ignore research that suggests spending is down. It’s important our clients remained informed of the good and potentially bad, so we can plan accordingly.

That’s the value of good research. Always complete your due diligence, review diverse sources, and look for patterns, not absolute statements.

Chinese Consumer Insights Published Before COVID-19

These reports include insights from extensive research reports, news publications, and blogs from companies like ours and professionals who work in the industry.

  • LinkedIn Pulse: Modern Chinese Consumers. A Handy Guide for Marketers 2019
    This guide is a detailed overview of the spending habits of Chinese consumers, divided by generation and economic standing. The author: Ashley Galina Dudarenok is an industry expert who brings an “in the trenches” perspective with her insights. Notice any matches with what big firms like Deloitte are writing? Published on December 6, 2019.
  • QZ: How WeChat Put the Internet in China’s Hands
    This article details the history of the internet’s rise in China and argues that WeChat is the main reason behind this. Details include how this has influenced spending (mobile especially), and what this means for the future. Published on October 29, 2019.
  • Goldman Sachs: The Rise of China’s New Consumer Class
    This report does not post the date of publishing, so forgive us if it’s not as recent as we mentioned above (it’s worth reading anyway). The details cover the growth of the middle class and present a dramatic difference in scale when comparing working populations in China with the USA. The description of the different economic segments is very clear (make sure to click the downward arrow when looking at the skyscraper.

Chinese Consumer Insights Exploring the Future after COVID-19

Final Words

We hope that you will find our list useful for conducting Chinese-consumer research. If you are interested in learning more, subscribe to our weekly email newsletter or contact us.

Thank you.

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