Spreading the word to the right demographic.

Periphery Digital worked with the home-building division of Beedie Development Group, on a marketing campaign to help drive leads to Orchid by Beedie, a pre-sale project in the heart of Richmond, by leveraging local Chinese media and Facebook advertising.

The Challenge

In early 2016, Periphery Digital worked with Beedie Living, one of BC’s most respected names in real estate development, to help drive sales leads for one of their Richmond projects, Orchid by Beedie.

Orchid by Beedie, located on the intersection of No 3. Road and Lansdowne Road is right in the heart of Richmond. That area of Richmond is a highly desirable for Chinese people looking to invest in Real Estate in Canada. Periphery Digital focused on reaching a Chinese audience an emphasize the location’s value.

The Solution

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Ads have become what Google Ads were in the early 2000s. While Facebook advertising is starting to get a lot more competitive, it’s currently one of the most cost effective advertising channels available.

Display Advertising & Media Buying

Through our previous experiences, Periphery digital knew the importance of engaging with the online Chinese community through the right mediums.

  • Identified key channels for ad distribution.
  • Created ads on multiple local prominent Chinese publications.
  • Cycled banner ads on a schedule

WeChat Advertorials

WeChat is a more advanced Facebook with over 600 million monthly active users. It is like Facebook, Apple Pay, Twitter, Expedia, and Amazon combined. Most Chinese people who have a smartphone are on WeChat and use the platform for a number of different functions. By working with specific influencers on the WeChat platform you can reach niche audiences.

The Results

Marketing Orchid by Beedie directly to Chinese consumers in both traditional and simplified Chinese content helped to ensure prospective Chinese buyers knew about the opportunity to own their own boutique homes at a prime location.

A real estate development that combines a stylish refined living experience with a desirable location just needs the word spread and the inquiries will start flooding in. Orchid by Beedie was a huge success largely because it did not require a complicated marketing approach.

Orchid by Beedie sold out within four months
The campaign generated a combined 17,000+ page views
Reached a combined 10,000+ new visitors