Celebrating Canada’s Natural Beauties.

Periphery Digital worked with their own Influencer Network to bring Nova Scotia Fisherman’s uniquely Canadian brand to Chinese audiences, online beauty mavens and their followers in Canada.

In 2012 Nephew Les and Uncle Perly decided to create the 100% natural skin care line on their own, utilizing the endless list of skin rejuvenating properties of an ingredient they had both been using; Nova Scotia Sea Kelp (Fucus Vesiculosus). Nova Scotia Sea Kelp, harvested off the pristine shores of Nova Scotia, has anti-aging properties and has been used in health and beauty products for decades.

We were excited to work with Nova Scotia Fisherman as they are a brand that doesn’t stop at great ingredients. This authentic Canadian brand does so much more than produce incredible all-natural products. They donate a portion of every sale to the Nature Conservancy of Canada to support the land that they call home and the communities in rural Nova Scotia.

The Challenge

The added benefit of sustainably harvested Canadian kelp was to us, an outstanding feature of their products. We wanted to help get that message out and educate people about the benefits of Canadian Kelp products through Canadian beauty bloggers and Chinese social media channels.

Reaching Canada’s 1.3 million Chinese citizens allows Nova Scotia Fisherman to provide a more inclusive market for both their products and for their social media branding in general.

The Solution

Influencer Outreach

When reaching out to the community we believe that the relationship between member and brand needs to feel organic and authentic in order for the partnership to work.

  • Reached out to influencers that see the brand and say “Why haven’t I been working with these guys all along?”.
  • Sent the skincare individuals were sent samples of Nova Scotia Fisherman’s products.
  • The influencers wrote their reviews about their experience with the brand.

The Results

After reaching out and sending products to the 10 beauty bloggers and social media enthusiasts the campaign lead to 16 posts and reviews both in English and Chinese. In a few weeks makeup and skincare blogs, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts along Chinese social media platforms were updated with dozens of new reviews and photos.

The brand and the products were highly rated throughout the beauty community.This inclusive social media push for Nova Scotia Fisherman showed us that there is a demand for Canadian made products among Canadian and Chinese speaking audiences. We can’t wait to see what Nova Scotia Fisherman does next and we are proud to support this true Canadian brand.