Reaching a previously untapped market to dramatically increase leads.

Periphery Digital worked with our real estate client, Cressey Developments, on a campaign to promote their latest development in Burnaby, British Columbia by using a combination of social media and targeted media buys focused on a Chinese audience.

In the fall of 2015, Periphery Digital was tasked to help Cressey Developments, a premier real estate developer in the Greater Vancouver area, reach the local Chinese audience for their newest project, Kings Crossing by Cressey in Burnaby. Locally, Cressey is known for superior design and quality construction but they wanted to get the attention of foreign buyers who may not have heard of Cressey.

The Challenge

Vancouver is one the most multicultural cities in North America with a particularly strong Chinese presence. However, the Chinese market was being underserved in Vancouver and we were able to identify several key channels that could drive interest to Kings Crossing by Cressey. We worked with Cressey to drive interest from a Chinese audience looking to invest in Real Estate, particularly in Greater Vancouver.

The Solution

Web Development

A crucial but often overlooked aspect of a successful registration based campaign starts with the user experience. Specifically with the Kings Crossing website, we tailored and translated the Kings Crossing landing page so that it resonated with the targeted demographic, by including additional relevant content that was not pertinent to the English landing page.

We placed extra emphasis on public transportation, proximity to local shopping areas and most importantly, the nearby educational institutes such as colleges, high schools and elementary schools. Chinese buyers place significant weight on means of transportation and especially educational institutes when deciding on real estate.

Facebook Marketing

As a result of a few small test campaigns we were able to verify that Facebook was a cost effective channel.

  • Used various headings, copy, and call-to-actions in unique ad sets that were developed in traditional Chinese.
  • Selectively targeted Vancouver Lower Mainland.

Display Advertising & Media Buying

Due to leveraging existing Chinese media channels and writing content for Kings Crossing we were able to drive top funnel interest.

  • Identified key channels for ad distribution.
  • Created ads on multiple local prominent Chinese publications.

WeChat Advertorials

WeChat is a more advanced Facebook with over 600 million monthly active users. It is like Facebook, Apple Pay, Twitter, Expedia, and Amazon combined. Most Chinese people who have a smartphone are on WeChat and use the platform for a number of different functions. By working with specific influencers on the WeChat platform you can reach niche audiences.

The Results

Periphery Digital was able to pinpoint and target the local Chinese audience as well as interested real estate investors in China, helping to spread Cressey’s reputation as a premier developer in Canada.

In addition to driving buyer leads, Periphery Digital helped spread Cressey’s reputation to the Chinese audience for their future projects. The CresseyKitchenTM in particular started to gain a lot of attention and earned the respect of the Chinese audience. In conclusion, Cressey’s reputation as a forward thinking, design focused, quality developer now has a strong foothold within the Chinese community and Cressey can look forward to their reputation paying dividends with their future developments.

Over 300 prospective buyer leads
The campaign generated a combined 36,000+ page views
Reached a combined 24,000+ new visitors