Connecting the Chinese Demographic to Real Estate Opportunities.

The Gardens are a multi-phase development located in the Shellmont neighbourhood of South Richmond. Developed by Townline, Periphery Digital assisted in creating a Chinese focused campaign for three of the developments; Calla, Dahlia, and Jasmine. The purpose of this marketing campaign was to drive prospects to the website for potential conversion.

The Challenge

With a predominantly Chinese population, Richmond is a highly sought after residential location for the Chinese consumer. Knowing this Townline was faced with a problem: how to effectively reach these consumers and develop prospective buyer signups?

The Developments

The Gardens is a self-contained urban village comprised of mid-rise residences and retail built alongside a stunning twelve-acre park. It was planned by Townline, an award-winning development company with an esteemed history of building homes with exceptional quality.

Calla at the Gardens: Calla is The Garden’s First Phase and is a collection of 132 concrete homes set in the highly coveted community of South Richmond.

Dahlia at the Gardens: Dahlia is The Garden’s Second Phase, a mid-rise concrete condominium overlooking a twelve-acre natural park.

Jasmin at the Gardens: Jasmine is The Gardens final phase of an exclusive collection of air conditioned two and three bedroom townhomes.

The Solution

Web Development

From past campaigns, analytics show that potential leads from Chinese media channels fall off when directed to an English website through a Chinese medium. In order to maximize leads, there must be a continuity in languages across all channels.

  • Implementation of Chinese translations onto The Garden’s exisiting website to make it bilingual.
  • Ensured that all Chinese marketing assets was directed back to the Chinese version of the registration page on website.
  • Kept the website updated as The Gardens went through its three phases

Facebook Marketing

With the flexibility and ability to focus on highly defined targets, Facebook is a clear winner when targeting potential buyers.

  • Used four unique ad sets that were developed in traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese.
  • Developed initial audience based off demographics and continued to push the advertisements onto “look-a-like” audiences.
  • Reached multiple highly targeted demographics.

Display Advertising & Media Buying

Engaging with Chinese online communities is a great way to build brand awareness and drive traffic to websites. Many of the users on these online communities look to learn about the real estate market.

  • Focused on real estate oriented audiences.
  • Crafted assets were regularly updated over the course of the campaign.
  • Listed rotating banner ads on multiple local prominent Chinese publications.

WeChat Advertorials

As a medium, WeChat is quickly becoming a defining success factor behind unlocking the Chinese demographic. WeChat is a one of the most prominent applications in China and acting as a lifestyle application that combines Facebook, WhatsApp, and Apple Pay.

  • With a high user base within British Columbia, Periphery Digital developed advertorials that highlighted features and renders of the development.
  • Pushed advertorials onto multiple established Vancouver based Chinese WeChat accounts.

The Results

Working solely with a social media and targeted media buying, Periphery digital was able to develop a campaign that resonated with the local Chinese audience. The multi-platform strategy for The Gardens helped bring great success by driving traffic and encouraging conversion.

The Garden’s Chinese Campaign received 226,513 visits to date, with 142,054 unique visitor’s overall
Display media drove over 45,416 visits to The Garden’s Chinese website
Facebook paid media reached over 95,413 potential leads, with a engagement rate of 16.1%
WeChat paid publications received over 9,100 combined views
Periphery digital generated over 500 leads to date over the course of the campaign