Exploring local influence.

Periphery Digital worked with their Influencer Network to bring Chinese media and local influencers to Fjällräven’s grand opening of their new flagship store in Kitsilano.

FjällRäven was founded in 1960 in the basement of Åke Nordin in the Swedish town of Örnsköldsvik. Since then, Fjällräven has made a commitment to high quality and functional design, while staying true to its mission of developing timeless and durable outdoor equipment and apparel, acting responsibly towards people, animals and nature and inspiring people to get outside. With a presence in over 30 countries worldwide, Fjällräven’s recent move to BC comes naturally.

Their first location opened in 2012 on West Broadway. In July 2016, Fjällräven’s second store and flagship location in Vancouver sprung up in the midsts of 4th avenue’s outdoors outfitters shopping district. In a down to earth community that is close to the beach and home to many of our influencers, it made sense to get them involved and excited about this new location. The space showcases Fjällräven’s extensive line of outdoor wear but also serves as a space for communities to engage with experts.

The Challenge

We were tasked with creating a media exposure campaign to run alongside the launch of Fjällräven’s new location. One of Fjällräven’s interests was celebrating the values of its conception and bringing in true outdoors adventurers that would help us to celebrate the spirit of getting outside. With a limited budget for the event but access to their roster of gear, Fjällräven wanted to put influencer marketing to the test. Periphery Digital and their YClout team took on the challenge of bringing in major local influencers as well as Chinese media and digital press to the event.

Our aim was to increase Fjällräven’s brand awareness on social media with a focus on a Chinese audience and to familiarise local trendsetters and outdoors enthusiasts with the depth of the brand beyond their famous Kånken backpacks. We worked to promote the new location and get local buzz about Fjällräven’s arrival in Kitsilano by engaging with major local publications both in English and Chinese. One of the goals was to showcase Fjällräven as an extreme outfitter through the videos and photography from YDESTINATION’s expedition to Kamchatka, Russia where Fjällräven was their main gear sponsor.

The Solution

Influencer Outreach

Periphery Digital used their Influencer Network, YClout, to generate engagement by inviting local influencers to interact with the brand. It was all about having valuable, local influencers with genuinely invested audiences, and enthusiastic engagement with their followers. For their involvement, influencers received several Fjällräven products so that they could familiarize themselves with the brand. We selected roughly 25 Vancouver centred influencers to invite to the event and introduced them to Fjällräven gear.

By not focusing exclusively on outdoors influencers we were able to reach a broader West Coast market that would still be attracted to Fjällräven as a brand. When reaching out to influencers we believe that the relationship between influencer and brand needs to feel organic and authentic in order for the partnership to work. Finding influencers see the brand and say “why haven’t I been working with these guys all along?” is what we want when finding the perfect match. The excitement to work with a brand that resonates with their own persona shines through every campaign and preserves the authenticity that we seek.

The Results

With a limited budget and organic media coverage, Periphery Digital in partnership with YClout was able to bring in 15 high-end local social media influencers with a combined reach of over one million followers. The effect was realized when Fjällräven appeared in the Georgia Straight, Blush Magazine and Daily Hive (formerly Vancity Buzz). Periphery’s Chinese media outreach also brought over 200 event-goers to the opening event, in attendance were the top three Chinese media outlets in Vancouver: BcBay, Lahoo, and Westca.

By meeting and exceeding Fjällräven’s expectations we were able to successfully introduce the brand to new audiences, influencers and Chinese media. Vancouver’s prominent Chinese language audience was able to get a taste of Fjällräven’s spirit for the first time and the brand gained respect by reaching out to Chinese communities, both media and influencers. Fjällräven’s reputation as an inclusive, global brand can count on the progress that they have made in Vancouver to give them the advantage they need in the Chinese markets to come.

Chinese media outreach brought over 200 event-goers
Prominent Chinese media outlets, BCBay, Lahoo, and Westca, were in attendance
Event was published on Georgia Straight, Blush Magazine and Daily Hive