Capturing leads from the key target market.

Periphery Digital worked with MLA Canada and their real estate client, Amacon, on two separate campaigns to promote two new developments: The Dawson, located in Brentwood, and Imperial, located in Metrotown.

Amacon has over five decades of development and construction expertise and is recognized as one of Canada’s most influential real estate development and construction firms. Amacon built upon its ability to create a product with long term value and its ability to understand their customer’s wants and needs.

They realized the need to reach the local Chinese audience, as both their developments were located in areas with a new and booming Asian demographic.

The Challenge

Both Brentwood and Metrotown are cities located within Burnaby, British Columbia, each with its own unique features and opportunities. As a newer but up and coming location, Brentwood is developing quickly as a residential designation, due to its advantageous location. In contrast, Metrotown is a booming town centre, surrounded by both residential developments and commercial buildings.

Having great understanding of both the target demographic, as well as the areas that both developments are being built on, Periphery Digital was brought on to drive Chinese leads to both the websites of The Dawson, and Imperial by Amacon.

The Developments

The Dawson: The Dawson is a boutique collection of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom homes located in the heart of Brentwood Village. It features 10,000 square feet of private amenities and is steps from the Brentwood Skytrain station, a shopping centre and a short walk to the new Whole Foods Market.

Imperial by Amacon: Imperial by Amacon is a 26 storey high rise located in the sought after location of Metrotown. With a collection of 169 air-conditioned homes and a limited collection of live/work townhomes and city homes, Amacon’s Live Well design has been woven into every detail with this development.

The Solution

Web Development

  • A clear and concise call to action via the client registration was created, with a simple and elegant breakdown of what each project consisted.
  • Understanding that one of the most crucial elements of a conversion oriented digital campaign is the landing page, Periphery Digital developed a Chinese language specific landing page for both The Dawson, as well as Imperial by Amacon.

Facebook Marketing

  • Crafted Chinese character specific ads to market to the appropriate demographic.
  • Used multiple ad sets, including both a simplified Chinese demographic and a traditional Chinese demographic, to allow further data points to be discovered during the campaign.
  • Implemented retargeting ad sets to recapture audiences that may have only browsed the site but not fully converted.

Display Advertising & Media Buying

Through our previous experiences, Periphery digital knew the importance of engaging with the online Chinese community through the right mediums.

  • Identified key channels for ad distribution.
  • Created ads on multiple local prominent Chinese publications.

WeChat Advertorials

  • Published custom and catered WeChat advertorials on multiple established Vancouver Chinese WeChat accounts.
  • Crafted a tailored Chinese New Year advertorial specifically for the Imperial project.

The Results

Beyond the numbers: Both campaigns proved to be highly engaging to the target audience. As both Brentwood and Metrotown are highly attractive cities for the local Chinese audience looking to purchase properties outside of Vancouver, our strategy was to emphasis on Amacon’s values: Live Well, Work Well, as it showcased both developments abilities to provide a positive work life balance due to its premium amenities as well as its desirable locations.

The Dawson sold out within 2 months, before the full campaign could be completed
The campaigns generated a combined total of 14,500+ new visitors to the project websites
Combined leads for both campaigns surpassed over 250+